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It often takes years for marketing personnel in the corporate world to practice the robust and rigorously tested theory marketing scholars dedicate their lives to. As researchers, we have the unique opportunity to help facilitate the acceleration of marketing theory being put into practice by immersing our students in break-through marketing science. This in turn allows our students to be distinct. Rather than simply teaching students to be good at their field, as researchers, we give them tools to disrupt their industry.

Through this lens, I attempt to teach my students theory derived from consumer behavior through example. To facilitate the learning of key concepts I challenge my students to exemplify these core ideas in case studies and peer to peer discussions. This dual approach of concept learning and application through analogy allows students to not only learn content that will set them apart from other students, but also how and when to apply this industry equity. 

 Teaching Stats 

Consumer Behavior

(Summer Semester 2019)

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Instructor Excellence   |   7.8 out of 8   

Instructor Interaction   |   7.7 out of 8   

Instructor Communication   |   7.8 out of 8

"I feel that I genuinely learned in this course. I enjoyed learning these materials"

"Overall, one of my favorite subjects and classes."

"[He] Cared about the subject matter and [made] sure we understood what was going on."

"Related well to students and what was going on in the real world outside the classroom."

Introduction to Marketing     (Summer Semester 2018)

Select Student Quotes

Instructor Excellence   |   7.8 out of 8   

Instructor Interaction   |   7.9 out of 8   

Instructor Communication   |   8 out of 8


“Probably one of my favorite classes and favorite professors for online courses. It was really well done.”

"I got to see that he actually read my posts and what he thought of them. It felt more personal in such a large, online class.”

“His comments on our discussion board posts were informative, helpful, and communicated that he cared about our success in the class.”

“As hard as the concepts are for this material, Professor Gaffney was very professional and acute.”