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Travel & Discovery
Motivated by curiosity, Ryan enjoys traveling to countries across the world. He has studied abroad in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shenzhen in China as well as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and El-Ain in the United Arab Emirates. An avid snowboarder, Ryan has also snowboarded in the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps. 
Sports & Culture
Born near Oakland, California, Ryan is a big fan of the local sports teams in Northern California. Ryan cheers on the Raiders, Warriors, and the Oakland A's. Although Ryan was born in California, he spent most of his childhood in Cincinnati and so Ryan has learned to love the Reds and Bengals, despite their inability to win a playoff game in Ryan's lifetime.
Hobbies & Friendships
In his spare time, Ryan enjoys thrill-seeking activities. Whether Ryan is snowboarding through the Swiss-French Alps or skydiving through clouds, Ryan believes that living life on the edge gives flavor to this thing we call life. Being a Kardes student, Ryan has also learned to love wine; It turns out that wine tastes much better in bottles than boxes. Between sunrise and sunset, you can expect to find Ryan drinking coffee and discussing research with his friends and coworkers.
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