Donald R. Gaffney (Ryan) is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Cincinnati that studies behavioral science. Ryan's area of interest is in how humans interpret and process uncertainty in the consumer domain. Much of Ryan's research distinguishes uncertainty into variants. From this perspective, Ryan hopes to make exciting and useful contributions to the field of consumer research. 


University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., 2017-2021, Concentration: Information Processing
M.Sc., 2016-2017, Concentration: Consumer Psychology
BBA, 2013-2016, Majors: International Business, Marketing
Kardes, Frank R., Steve S. Posavac, & Donald R. Gaffney, (Forthcoming). Omission Neglect and Judgment and Inference Based on Limited Evidence. In L. R. Kahle, T. M. Lowrey & J. Huber (Eds.), Handbook of Consumer Psychology. Routledge.
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In the Works

Gaffney, Donald R., Bryan M. Buechner & Noah VanBergen (In Preparation). Death and Free Will: The Role of Subjective Uncertainty on Consequences of COVID-19. Journal of the Association of Consumer Research Flash Issue on Covid-19.
Gaffney, Donald R., Emma Neybert, Susan Mantel & Frank R. Kardes (Data Collection). Gricean Uncertainty: The Role of Communication Norms in Product Reviews. Targeting the Journal of Consumer Research.
Gaffney, Donald R., Ruomeng Wu, MengMeng Liu & Frank R. Kardes (In Preparation). As Good as New: The Role of Product Condition in Culture. Targeting the Journal of Marketing.
Gaffney, Donald R., Emma Neybert, Frank R. Kardes & Robert S. Wyer, Jr. (Data Collection). The Veil of Trust: Media Effects on Hidden Information. Targeting Psychological Science.
Krishnan, Vijaykumar, James J. Kellaris & Donald R. Gaffney (In Preparation). Sonic Logos: Designing Distinctive Auditory Identities. Targeting Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
Gaffney, Donald R. & Bryan M. Buechner (Data Collection). Antecedents to Political Action. Targeting Psychological Science.
Gaffney, Donald R. & Bryan M. Buechner (Data Collection). Scarcity and How We Perceive It: The Dual Nature of Uncertainty. Targeting the Journal of Consumer Research.
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Gaffney, Donald R., “It’s Not You, It’s Me: The Impact of Variants of Uncertainty on Purchase Behavior.” University of Cincinnati Graduate Student Expo (2019).